Mitsubishi M35J CNC Sinker

Mitsubishi M35J CNC Sinker

Stock Number: 1102

Mitsubishi M35J

Age: 1994

Condition: As Is, Where Is

In Tune with Next-Generation Machining Mitsubishi EDM's represent the ultimate in their field and provide a full range of functions and capabilites for the next generation of machining facilities. Mitsubishi power-supply waveform slope-control (patented worldwide) offers machining with ultra-low electrode wear and our high-precision, high-rigidity mechanisms make operation easy. A wide range of functions respond in full measure to the need for automation and unattended operation.

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Work-Tank Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) 31.5" x 21.6" x 12.2"
Max. Weight of Workpiece 1,102 Lbs
Table Dimensions (W x D)27.56" x 19.68"
Table Longitudinal Travel (DC Motor X)13.78"
Table Cross Travel (DC Motor Y)9.84"
Main-Axis Servo Feed (DC Motor Z)13.78"
Distance Between Platen and Table22.68" - 9.84"
Max. Electrode Weight110 Lbs
Dielectric-Reservoir Capacity99 Gallons
Electrical Requirements 220V/3Phz/50-60Hz
Machine Unit Dimensions67.64" x 71.57" x 98.23"
Machine Unit Weight6,820 Lbs

Equipped With:
* Mitsubishi C7 CNC Controller * C-Axis * 16 Position AEC (3R Mini) * Mitsubishi Flexible Automated Programming (FAP) * Mirror-Surface (GM) Finishing Circuit * Superfine-Finishing (SF) Circuit * Graphite Machining Adapter * Mitsubishi Cooling Tower and Dielectric Tank * All Available Manuals

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Mitsubishi M35J CNC Sinker
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