Sodick AQ560LX Wire EDM

Sodick AQ560LX Wire EDM

Stock Number: 0358

Sodick AQ560LX

Age: 2009

Condition: As Is, Where Is

The Sodick Wire EDM range features rigid linear motors, maximizing cutting performance and giving you the part accuracy you need to be the envy of your competition. Each Wire EDM Machine is thoroughly designed and tested to ensure the best quality machine ends up on your shop floor.

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X-Axis Travel22.0"
Y-Axis Travel13.8"
Z-Axis Travel11.8"
UV Axis Travel3.15"
Maximum Workpiece Size30.3" x 19.7" x 12.0"
Maximum Work-Piece Weight 1,763 lbs
Axis Drive (X, Y, U, V)Linear Motors/ Glass Scales
Z Axis DriveAC w/ Closed Loop Feedback
Axis Tracking System (X, Y, Z, U, V)Linear Motion Guides
Minimum X, Y, U, V Resolution0.000004
Numerically Controlled Axes5
Wire Diameter Capability0.006" - 0.013"
Dielectric Water Capacity225 Gal
Power Requirements200-220 Volts/3Phz/15kVA
Required Floor Space (WxD)132" x 151"
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH)95" x 109" x 86"
Machine Weight 11,000 lbs

Equipped With:
* Sodick LN1W CNC Control * Linear Motor & Scales on X,Y,U,V * Automatic Wire Threader * Submersible Flushing * Glass Scale Feedback (X,Y,U,V) * Large Spool Option (44lbs) * Ceramic Components * Wire Chopper * Wire Tip Disposal Unit * Front Drop Door * Advanced Corner Control * Z-Axis Automatic Dielectric Fluid Level Control * Advanced Tension Servo Control * FTII (Precision Pick-Up Function) * High Speed Electrolysis-Free Power Supply * Fine Finish Circuitry * Energy Saving Circuit * Motion Controller (K-SMC) * On-Board, User-Friendly Heart NC Software * USB & Lan Connection Port * Remote Hand Control and Mouse * Built-In Voltage Stabilizer * Complete Dielectric Filtration System * Electric Chiller * All Available Manuals and Accessories

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Sodick AQ560LX Wire EDM
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