Mitsubishi BA24 Wire EDM

Mitsubishi BA24 Wire EDM

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Mitsubishi BA24

Age: 2011

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Mitsubishi BA24 with 16.5" Z Axis Wire EDM The Mitsubishi BA24 is a large-capacity, wire EDM designed to accommodate a variety of machining needs, from parts to dies. The machine offers large X, Y, Z travel dimensions with a four-sided work table and all stainless steel work tank and fluid system. The BA24 maximizes cost efficiency, serviceability and compatibility.

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Machine Travels (XYZ)23.6" x 15.7" x 16.5"
Machine Travels (UV)+- 3.0"
Table Dimensions34.6" x 26.8"
Max Workpiece Dimensions41.3" x 32.3" x 16.3"
Taper Dimensions15 deg @ 10.5"
Wide Angle Taper Dimensions45 deg @ 2.4"
Machine Resolution0.00001"
Table Rapid Speed51.2"/min
Wire Capabilities0.004" - 0.012"
Minimum Start Hole Diameter0.020" Dia
Max Wire Spool22lbs
Dielectric Capacity211 gal
Electrical Requirement200-220V/3Phz/13.5 kVA
Machine Dimensions106" x 111" x 96"H
Machine Weight9,116 lbs

Equipped With:
* Mitsubishi PM4 64-bit CNC Control * V350II High Speed Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply * Automatic Wire Theader (AT2) * Submerged Machining Capability * Extended Z-Axis * 40GB Hard Drive * 4-Sided Zeroline Table * Vertical Sliding Front Tank Door * Stainless Steel Worktank * Self-Cleaning Seal Plate * Remote Hand Pendant * Dielectric Filtration System * Electric Chiller * All Available Manuals and Accessories

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Mitsubishi BA24 Wire EDM
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