Agie Spirit 2 CNC Sinker

Agie Spirit 2 CNC Sinker

Stock Number: 1103

Agie Spirit 2

Age: 2006

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Agie is the premier manufacturer of electrical discharge machining systems and are partners to the best EDM shops in the world -- with over 15,000 users and an installed base of 40,000 wire-cut and die-sinking EDM systems is testament to their success.

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Travels X, Y, Z11.8" x 9.85" x 9.85"
Bath Level - Programmable8.85"
Table Size15.7" x 11.8"
Max Workpiece Dimensions24.8" x 15.7" x 7.3"
Maximum Workpiece Weight Capacity440 lbs
Distance Table to Quill (min/max)7.5" - 17.4"
Dielectric Capacity80 Gallons
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)73" x 83" x 93"
Control Dimensions (LxWxH)30" x 21" x 69"
Machine Weight2,860 lbs

Equipped With:
* Agie Windows Based PC Control w/15" Color LCD * Full Integrated C-axis (System 3R Macro) * 4 Position Tool Changer * Remote Control Jogbox * Agie APG Generator * 72 Peak Amps * Automatic Current Correction (ACC) * Automatic Controlled Optimization (ACO) * AgieBril - Fine Finish Circuitry * Equimode - 3D Machining Capability * Automatic Measuring Cycles * Programmable Polarity * Resident Agie Proven Erosion Technology * Color Graphics * 20GB Hard Drive * Programmable Flush Ports (Tank-3,Quill-1) * Heat Exchange Capability * Transformer * All Original Manuals and Accessories

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Agie Spirit 2 CNC Sinker
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